The CESL activity is focused on the performance of engineering projects for the transport and handling of solids.
The main target is the satisfaction of our customers, providing a professional, attentive and efficient service at any time.
The Management of CESL defines as a company policy, the consolidation of the following points, which are considered key for the development and maintenance of the Quality Management System:


  • To stablish working methodologies to define and order the tasks of each responsible in order to manage the customer´s commands with the maximum speed and efficiency.
  • To be in contact with the customers to understand at any time their needs and make ours, their interests, working according quality criterions that assure their satisfaction.
  • To understand and to control the organization context: the environment in which you work, the sector to which it is focused, the competence, and the needs of all the involved parts.
  • To be updated in the knowledge of the technologies of the sector to develop the most suitable project, and to provide the best technical support to the customer.
  • To know and to follow the legislation and the applicable regulation.
  • To consider the environment and to avoid, whenever possible, the impact of our activities in it.
  • To sensitize and to train the whole team regarding the quality aspects related with their activities.
  • To endow this Company with the resources, both human and infrastructure, and the necessary stablished systems, for the correct performance and service development.
  • To stimulate the participation and the teamwork to obtain the fixed targets, the improvement of services and the system efficiency of quality management.
  • To communicate this policy to all the Organization and to spread it to whom it may concern.
Signed: Director, Josep Sánchez at 21st of september of 2016
coscollola engineering ISO9001

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