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After the reception, all the raw materials must be removed from the supplier’s packaging to the customer´s one. This phase must include cleaning, dedusting, selection and classification.

Solutions for the reception of ingredients with secure unloads and emptying, easy/ergonomic and clean, complying with present regulations and guidelines.

Manual and automatic unloaders for:

  • Sacks of 25 kg.
  • Big-bags y Maxi-Bags
  • Octabins
  • Tanker trucks
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The raw materials must be transported in safe conditions preventing them from pollution or alteration.

Solutions adapted to each product to maintain their properties to get the maximum energy saving: mechanical transport, pneumatic transport, dense and dilute phase into aspiration, impulsion or mixed.

  • Transport with humidity control of the product
  • Transport with cleaning pipe system
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Depending on the product´s density, requests and place of installation, we should apply one technology or another.

Specific solutions finished in stainless steel, aluminum, GRP, textile or carbon steel.

  • Mobile or static devices
  • Exterior or interior installation devices
  • Silos up to three chambers
  • Cleaning and drying designs for the interior of the silos
  • Thermal insulation
  • With sensors of maximum and minimum
  • Load system for tanker trucks
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The continuous record of each ingredient, allows the control of manufactured products. The flow material is continuously regulated according to the weight, so the apparent density variations, or grain size, don´t affect the accuracy of the process.

Volumetric and gravimetric solutions “loss in weight” and “gain in weight” for minority or majority, in continuous or batch.

We provide a huge range of hoppers, screws, spirals, accessories and control systems which allow the adaptation of the device to the material, necessary flow rate and other customer requirements.

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In order to mix the raw materials homogeneously, we need a proper equipment and soft manipulation techniques to avoid shearing, friction or dust.

Solutions to homogenize products, materials and ingredients, static system, with or without internal agitation, and mobile systems.

The main advantages:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Fast and easy cleaning
  • Easy access to all of their components
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We automate individually or together all the process mentioned before, fully adapting ourselves to the customer’s needs, guaranteeing an easy use and the traceability of the production process.

Configurable solutions to manage the installation with graphic representation of the process, including the interfaces for the connection to the system of the customer.

Possibility of remote assistance.

Our facilities comply with the current regulations of security

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